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Aug 30, 2018
Hi we had 6 eggs in our uncuincub and only 2 hatched this was 3.5 weeks ago. They we're thriving and eating well, drinking and everything. Well yesterday night before bed I went down to check on the and give them new water before bed and one of the ducks had died. So now we have a single baby duck, he's almost 4 weeks old. We don't have any other young ducks for him to be with. We have 2 full grown ducks outside but are afraid he will die of lonelness inside alone or that he would be killed outside we have 14 chickens and 2 ducks outside.

What would be the best course of action for this one. Leave him inside alone or outside with the others. Also it's getting colder, we live in Tennessee and it's rainy and the temps range from 30-60 degrees outside during the day right now so I feel it's to cold for him outside
I would continue his brooding inside. Give him a mirror for company. On nicer days take it out so it can be next to the older ducks and become more familiar with them. Hopefully by the time it's ready to go out it has been accepted.

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