Last mystery breed from me, I swear!


10 Years
Mar 29, 2013
Columbus, OH
Aaaand now that we have identified my impulse-purchase Amberlinks (hey, can't beat $.25 for sexed pullets!), I give you these guys: a friend and I offered to split and give homes to these chicks after a co-worker went to TSC and bought 8, and about a week later realized that having chickens is actual work... The co-worker didn't pay attention to what they were, just thought they were "cute".:barnie

Now that we are mostly past the mangy-looking stage, I'm pretty sure they are Rhode Island Reds?

20170512_120536.jpg 20170512_120532.jpg 20170512_120652.jpg
They, it looks like a Rhode island red, the middle photo looks like a rooster, though, I think all photos are of one chick? A better side picture of the comb would help, is it pink?
From TSC they will be Production Reds rather than true RIR's.

And yes, I think the middle on is a rooster too. They telecast early.

Great layers, though a bit noisy. Roosters can be a bit aggressive.


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