Last thread i promise! i know which duck now!


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
Ok ive decided im going to get a khaki campbell, i know a place to get them online that has good fertility rates and very high reviews from customers, so....

now that i know the exact breed that i am getting you can probably ignore all my other threads i just need to know stuff about khaki campbells...

how long do you incubate them for, i know most ducks are 28 days (the last 3 days with no turning, increased humidity and decreased temp) but i just wanna make sure thats correct for this breed

how long should i leave them in the incubator before taking them out and putting them in the brooder

im gonna have 2-3 ducks (2 at least 3 at most) so what type of lamp do i need to use in the breeder, watt etc

when do the ducklings need to start eating? i know its not for the first day or so but do they need drink right away? what do i feed them, i know i can use unmedicated chicken started but i need grit too dont i?
Yes, they incubate for 28 days.

Ducks usually don't dry out in the bator, at least not in mine. Their down just gets hard and stiff. I used a little giant still air, and I hat to take them out right after they hatched. They were so tall that they would hit their little heads on the heating element over and over, burning themselves.

Just monitor how yours are doing. You want to open the bator as little as possible to keep the humidity stable.

Just get a regular heat lamp from the feed store. A 150 watt regular bulb always worked for me.

I always put food out as soon as I put them in the brooder, and they have to have water as soon as you take them out.

Unmedicated or medicated will work, and I've never given any of my babies grit and they have been fine. I don't think you have to, but someone else can weigh in on that.

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