Last update on first pigeon squabs


6 Years
Feb 1, 2013
Hello guys the squabs are fledged now and they love eating like dinosaurs. we are starting to train them because they are now 40 days old. the are in peace and harmony, the one with the saw foot is now nearly full better and has only the slightest limp. he is a little underweight but is getting back to the way he was now. I AM GUESSING THE WHITE ONE is a female and my saw foot one is a male. I can tell this by there heads and the way the young ones are developing. The next clutch of eggs are now expected to hatch in 5 more day and I am really exited. life could not get anybetter for these pigeons.

Just out of concern my adult male is sometimes attacking his squab with the saw leg, I think it is a male and is nearly fully better now. But the adult male just chases him around and try's to peck him. He does not do this to the other squab which I think is female. why is he pecking his squab which is now 40 days old. Is it because its a male???

But he leaves him alone for most of the time.?
It most likely is a male like you think.

Your squabs are now almost adult and that one with the sore foot could be still wanting to be fed.

That may also be part of the reason for the male pecking at it.
he is sometimes trying to get foos, you are right, but he is now eating heaps on his own, when I mean heaps I mean a handful. Ok thanks I let you know how the eggs go

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