Late 2011 'Hatch'


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May 12, 2009
Burton, OH
nooo, not a peachick....but she is our newest little 'chick'.
We started our incubation project waaaay back in April and on Dec 23 the fruits of our labor 'hatched'!
We welcomed Savannah Grace into our family just in time for Christmas. We spent our first night home on Christmas Eve and were so very excited to wake up Christmas morning not only to see what 'Santa' had brought but to all be together as a new family of 6! Now we really ARE 6littlechickies! LOL

I'm attaching a couple pics to share. The first is the pic they took in the hospital...because she was born so close to Christmas, the nurses gave her a stocking and used it to take her picture. You can only see the very top of the stocking but it still made for a cute pic.

Pic with DH and I (aka - mom and dad), taken about 2 hours after her birth.

Next one of her coming home outfit...I made the hat and blanket (also mittens and booties but you can't see those in the pic).

and Last a group shot of all four of our kiddos! From Left to right is Jackson, Anderson and Sydney (holding baby Savannah). We failed at our attempt to get all kids in their Christmas PJ's but they all did smile nicely for a pic. (before even opening ONE present from Santa! lol).

Now that this 'hatch' is complete, we can look forward to the 2012 breeding season and filling up the (non-human) bators!
Such a beautiful family. You have been very busy. Your oldest daughter with that red hair a cute..
the GREATEST gift! She is the 3rd child I met born on the 23rd of Dec. 2011. Actually all three are girls too LOL!

Great addition .........pure doll she is.....tell Sydney i will take her........Hope to see her two do good work incubating.....Santa was good to all of you.
What great photos - congrats to your family! And thanks so much for sharing the photos. Look forward to seeing you and hearing your funny family stories!

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