Late duckling hatching and shell looks transparent and dark


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I have a duckling that's just 1 day late hatching but the shell looks transparent on the ends. I can see allot of dark areas which are probably the duck at both ends. So I'm worried that he's grown into the air sack and is maybe stuck? When should I assist?
No, I am very sad to say he didn't make it. :-( The darkness was because he bled out in the shell for some reason? From the size of him it appeared he had quit before he went into the incubator but I thought I candled them all when I put them in, I must have missed him.
He was small end down in the incubator tray, same as the others.  Any idea what would cause a broken vein while still he was still enclosed in the shell?

Well first thing I would have told you is to get him out of the tray. Ducks do 10 times better laying down, they should be on the floor of the bator not in a tray. Ducks are larger then a chicken, chickens no problems but ducks whole new ball game. So with that in mind that very well could have caused the problem.. He probably struggled getting to the air cell kicking his foot an boom hit the vein.. They have stronger muscles in there legs then a chicken. The vein could have even gotten tangled on his foot and boom..

His nail could have caught it just right any one of these things COULD have happened.. See when they are getting ready to hatch they aim up right up to that air cell. Unless they are upside down., but a normal hatching is for them to get up to the air cell using there body muscles so they can get there lungs working properly and my guess is the little guy was aiming for the air cell and when pushing with his body didn't work he started using his legs to help with pushing and in doing so cut the vein.
Awwww, I feel horrible if that was the case. I have another new batch in the bator now. I'm going to go remove the tray immediately! Thank you so much for the advice!

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