Late hatch


Feb 28, 2020
Sumter, South Carolina
This is my first solo incubation and wanted to share my experience.

So it is nearing the end of day 24 and 24 hrs since the last chick hatched. I went to take the hatched chicks out and place them in the brooder and i am hearing peeps. I quickly candled the remaining 5 eggs and there were 2 imtenal pips.

I wanted to post this thread to encorage and challenge anyone incubating eggs to just be patient and dont give up on any of your eggs. I have always heard that if they have not hatched by day 23 then they probably wont hatch. I almost gave up on the remaining 5 eggs but luckily i am attentive and realized that the chicks were not ready to quit.

What I have learned is that you can be too involved and this can cause unnecessary anxiety. Thanks to all of the BYC members that assisted with info and links that have got me this far. I have been through a split batch, 3+hour power outage, and being my own enemy making this wonderful experience a week long anxiety buffet. My hatch rate at this point is at 33% with the possibility of a 41%+ if only these 2 that I know have internally pipped make it out. Thanks again to everyone in this BYC family and good luck to all of you that will venture into incubation.

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