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    We got our hens as chicks in late July and they finally stated laying over the weekend! [​IMG] We had 6 the first day (presumably 1 from each hen) and then between 3 and 4 each day after. It is cold and has been super snowy so I am surprised I'm even getting those to be honest.

    The only problem is they are not morning birds and usually don't lay until sometime between 9 and noon which means that the eggs have to sit there for a while before collected and opens up the risk of egg eating, etc. Is there any way to "train" them to lay earlier in the morning, or am I just stuck with late layers? [​IMG]
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    9-noon is not really "late". There is really no more risk of egg eating developing, but if you are truly concerned about it consider using roll away nests.
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    I have one girl who lays around 4pm every day and it's never been a problem.

    All the others seem to cycle through their days - so on day 1 they will lay at 8am, day two they will lay at 9am, day three they will lay at 10am and so on. They then miss one day and start the cycle again.

    - Krista

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