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  1. My most recent photos of my now 8 chicks!

    I'm told the BR aren't banties, so they must be runts. [​IMG]



    Hey did someone say something about barred rock having grey stripes down their legs denoting whether they are male or female? Or is that just for the breed. (Sorry about the buttpooh in pic) I'm hoping there's at least 2 females in there.

    My Welsummers are wild, but beautiful and hilarious to watch!
    I think 2 of them are roos looking at their blond heads and beak lengths.
    Just a guess. They totally love being off the wire floor so they can scratch and dig.

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    A black wash of color down the leg fronts usually means a pullet, but some cockerels have a hint of it. The girls' is just really dark, usually. Headspots in girls are most of the time smaller and/or more defined. When they feather out, the boys appear more silvery than black, too.
  3. Thanks for the answer!
    Three of them have obvious grey stripes down the front of the leg. One had some grey spots only.

    Another question:
    Is it easy to mistake a BR chick for a Dominique chick, until their combs start growing?

    My Welsummer's love cheerios! I crushed them and they ate it right out of my hand! [​IMG]
    I'll tame them yet......Hope I don't give them a tummyache in the process. The BR chicks aren't quite sure of eating from my hand yet. I think they're afraid they'll get another bottom washing.


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