Lathargic Chicken 20 weekss old


8 Years
Jan 3, 2012

I have a lethargic chicken, she is a heratage skyline, 20 weeks old, only had her 7 weeks, she came to us with a broken wing that seems to be on the mend. She is bottom of the pecking order and has never been that out going but the last two mornings she has taken a long while to leave the coop, she doesn't really walk around with the rest of the flock, she is eating but not as interested as usual and her bottom is starting to get a little messy, with what looks like yellow runny poo. I have put some herban in ther water and Been putting poltry spice and calcium supplements in there food to give them some extra goodness? Im worried as we lost another pullet to Illness before Christmas, she was lathargic very messy bottom and then lost alot of weight stoped eating and died,i Removed her from the flock when I noticed her messy bottom.
Any ideas what could be wrong?

Is there any thing I should be doing?

All advice on what is wrong and what I should do welcome.

Contacted vets to see if they could pescribe Baycox just in case of coccidiosis. didn't know if there was any other antibiotics that i could give that DOESN'T effect their eggs?

Many thanks

an ab that does not effect eggs is Tylan in the UK dont know your rules in the US
Is there any chance she has coccididous

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