Lathargic Chicken, Right eye changed colour, 2 others from flock died * * * Please Help * * *

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  1. bikezz

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    Oct 6, 2012
    To summarise, I have 16 chickens, they are allowed to run free all day every day. At night they return to a "Stone Shed" and are locked in over night. Over the last couple of months I have started to become concerned as the numbers have started to drop. (I used to have 23). When 1 or 2 go missing, I'm not too surprised as they are allowed so much freedom, so there is always the possibility of Fox / Dog attacks wherever they go. I have become more concerned however as 2 died in the last couple of weeks. And they died in similar circumstances.

    1) Become totally lathargic, will easily fall over and will not get back up unless picked up.
    2) The 2 that died had fluid comming from eyes and nasal passage
    3) The latest bird to show symptons has a discoloured right eye (had never seen that before)

    I only have these for family and friends to enjoy free range eggs so would really appreciate any help.


  2. J-Sanders

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    Jul 28, 2012
    Hey Tony, Welcome to BYC.

    I would look at Infectious Bronchitis or Newcastle disease from your description of symptoms.

  3. bikezz

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    Oct 6, 2012
    Thanks for the reply Jim,

    To be honest both Infectious Bronchitis or Newcastle disease is what I was thinking. Never had a problem like this previously, but seems to be lethal for the flock. Gonna have to see what will be the best treatment will be for them, probably some kind of antibiotic anyhow.

    By the way Location is Rural Ireland (Republic of Ireland)

    Regards Tony
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