Lavender Americaunas....can anyone tell me what gender they are?


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I purchased these sweet birds straight run, one day old...and I think I may have two roos and two pullets. It's really hard to tell with this breed, or at least I am finding it hard. Lol
This is #1 -->

Number #2

number #3

And #4

I'm really on the fence about them...I've heard so many different things about how to sex them. Some people say the males have three peas on their combs and the females have one row of peas. Some of mine seemed to have one row of peas but they quickly became too lumpy bumpy to tell anymore. These three also got their tail feathers in before the odd one out. Not sure if that gives you any clues...Any help would me much appreciated!
How old are they in the pictures? You might want to get more pictures of the whole bird from the side so people can look for saddle feathers etc, and clear head shots of the comb, they looked blanked out by the light in some of them. The boys tend to get wider redder combs where you can see the bumps on all three rows pretty young, the girls usually have a smaller comb and you can only see the middle row clearly at first. Just guessing on what I can see of them #1 is maybe a boy, #2 maybe girl, and #3,4 are probably boys.
Yes, we need to know age.

Don't worry about saddle feather pics--they're too young to have hackle or saddle feathers yet. They might be growing their rooster tails, though.

My first evaluation is the same as Kelsie's--three boys and a girl.
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Do you have them in the same order in the next set of pictures? The first two are iffy, the last two look like boys. Have to say I love your screen name, read it three times before I saw what it said.
I don't...I had a little trouble getting good shots. They are sweet and friendly but very very active, lol! Thanks for the screen name compliment.
Thank you so much for your help, btw...its so nice of you to take the time to share your knowledge with a newbie! I appreciate it!
That's what we're here for. Personally, I consider helping folks my "paying it forward" for all the great advice and help I got on BYC when I was a newbie.

My advice on your birds--wait a month and then post photos again. Ameraucanas are so tricky to sex. Let them grow up a bit and we'll try again later. Lovely birds!

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