Lavender Marans roo with Splash and/or Blue Marans hens - what color(s) would I get?

Blue Eggerz

Sep 4, 2019
West Coast, Washington State
I have a young (4 months) Lavender Marans cockerel that is quite nice. He came from a semi-local breeder of Marans (breeder states parent stock is "Lavender Marans Roo over Lavender Marans Hen"). I then bought several hatching eggs from a distant breeder - got 5 Blue Marans (parent stock is Blue Marans roo/hens) and one Splash Marans (parent stock is Blue Marans roo and Splash Marans hen).

The only color charts for Marans I could find only relate to Blue, Black or Splash results - can anyone please tell me what the results would be with Lavender Marans roo with both a Splash and Blue Marans hen? I tried the Search function here, but didn't run across anything for my specific question, so any help figuring this out would be much appreciated.


Jun 21, 2018
QLD Australia
Lavender is recessive so breeds like black when bred to a non lavander bird so you would get black and blue birds split for lavendar, providing there is no Lav in the hens. If you bred the daughters back to the father you will also get lavanders and blue based lavanders. Honestly though a lot of breeders try and avoid breeding blue and lavender due to blue based lavanders but if you plan on selling just make sure potential buyers are 100% aware that their offspring are split lavender

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