Layena or Rural King???

bald k9

10 Years
Sep 5, 2009
Rural Edwardsville
Hello ,I was wondering is there that much difference between Layena and Rural king layer feed, I normally always use Layena, so I thought I would try rural king layer and when I opened the bag I noticed like a kinda funny sweet smell, is this normal for feed to smell so different or is this bad feed, it looks fine the bag is fine no wet spots, is rural king good food ? is layer feed supposed to smell sweet? thank you for your help!!!
IDK about Rural King other than I wish we had one. I do know that my kids use a showbird conditioner supplement that I swear smells strongly like black licorice. Not sure what additive it is that causes it, but it's really strong.
We don't have one close enough either.

Frankly? At the prices they advertise, I'd surely buy a bag and give it a try. Feed is sky high! Yikes.
I live in Decatur we have a rural king, Farm & Fleet, and Garvers that sell chicken feed. None sell Purina I have used the RuRal king layer but didnt like it. They didnt eat it well and I started getting soft shell eggs. I buy Egg a Day from Garvers. It is a little more expensive than Rural kings but my girls eat it better and no more soft shells. I do like their starter/grower and scratch grains.
I noticed that they dont gobble it down like they do layena ,,, maybe i will just stick with layena , i dont want eggs issues thanks for the replies
I've had issues with Rural King.....wasteful feed if you ask me, they would eat alot of it and boy, did they poop alot! Chick feed are OK. They are OK if you need feed in a hurry while you wait for your Purina feed to come in.

I hated Garver's feed, Egg a Day, wasteful as well and poop stinks and smelled burnt. the girls didn't eat very much of it.

I stick with Purina, hands down!

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