Layer feed at 15 weeks?


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
I have a bit of an issue, I will try not to make it confusing. I have 5 adult hens, 5 little pullets, and 1 little roo. I planned on putting all of them on flock raiser ( / grower feed) when I integrated them, with calcium supplements available to the big girls.

I ordered a bag through our local feed store while I still had the new birds quarantined and on starter feed. I called to check on it when I moved them all to the same, but divided, coop and somehow they had lost the order. So I ordered it again, and the littles stayed on starter feed, which wasn't an issue since they were still divided.

I called a few times to check on the order, no they hadn't gotten it yet, yes it should be here soon, yes within the week. So I checked with people on BYC and everyone agreed that a week on layer mash, or even two, would not hurt the young ones while we waited for the flock raiser feed, and I took down the barriers and started letting the little ones free range with the big ones.

Well they have been on it a couple weeks, they are about 17 weeks old now, and I find out that the feed store did not actually order it. Even though they told me months ago that they didn't carry it but could order it in for me, even though they let me "order" it two different times, even though I checked on the order multiple times, they will not actually order it.

Frustration with the feed store aside, what should I do? Is it safe to leave the little guys on layer mash now? I could order some flock raiser online, but that will take some time, too. I can't put them back on starter now without putting everyone on starter feed. They all free range all day, so for the most part they are supplementing that feed quite a bit, too. I say for the most part, because I think one is blind, and she pretty much only eats feed.

Thanks in advance!
It's fine. It's only a tad early. I've fudged on the age a bit from time to time with no ill effects and will be doing it in about three weeks again when I put 15 week old pullets in their respective flocks to clear out a grow out coop.
x2 Rules on feeding chickens are more guide lines than laws. Each situation is different. I'd be peeved at the feed store.
Thanks so much! It is a relief to hear that, I was getting terrified of organ damage and such, and didn't know what to do.
I have one hen laying at present. I have 3 more that is 14 weeks along with 3 roos. How do I feed the one layer feed and not the others? I don't want to isolate her, I only have 1 pen. If I hand feed her, how much layer pellets should she eat (along with grower feed and grass)?
Can roos eat layer (at any age) or will it hurt them?
I want to give back the shells to my chickens. I have heard to take out the inner liner first. But how? After I pull it out, there is no shell left, just pinched up shell with the liner. Any easy ways out there?
luvussomechicks, you really should start your own thread so your questions don't become lost in someone else's.

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