Layer Feed Question: Grubbly Vs. Purina Vs. Other


Nov 24, 2020
San Jose, Ca
I‘m new to raising chickens and we currently have mixed backyard flock of all female, 10 chicks. I’m trying to plan ahead a little to figure out the next feed for when its time to transition.

I’m currently debating between Grubbly Layer Feed:

And Purina Organic Layer Crumbles.

Grubbly says,
Grubbly Layer Feed is naturally balanced with farm-grown insect protein and plant based ingredients, the way nature intended. No fish! From grubs and whole grains to sunflower seeds and marigold, Grubbly’s forage-worthy feed will keep your flock happily nourished. Made with Non-GMO ingredients.
Fish-Free · Corn-Free · Soy-Free · Dust-Free

And Purina says, Purina® Organic Layer Pellets or Crumbles with the Oyster Strong® System provide a balanced and complete diet with 16% protein for feeding organic laying hens. This product has been certified organic by the USDA. It is made with non-GMO ingredients that have been grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Our layer feeds include the Oyster Strong® System, which is an exclusive blend of oyster shell and key vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D and manganese, ensuring a supply of calcium will be available at night when your hens are forming egg

Both are 16% protein. Purina is organic which I find valuable but Grubbly says, Grubblies and Grubbly Layer Feed is not Certified Organic. All of the ingredients except for the insect protein are Project Non-GMO Verified. While our black soldier fly grubs are pesticide-free (and not genetically altered in any way), the grubs must consume an organic, non-GMO diet of food to be considered organic and non-GMO.

I can’t find many reviews about Grubbly layer feed but they’re snacks have rave reviews.

Can anyone share their opinions with these feeds? If cost wasn’t a factor which one would you buy? Are there better feeds I should consider?

My concern with the Grubbly feed is the fact that it has both pellets and grains, which can lead to chickens picking out certain parts of the feed that they find tastier. Fermenting can probably help with that (though I've never tried fermenting insect based feed) but is that something you want to do?

I currently feed Scratch & Peck grower (fermented, as it's a whole grain mash) plus Payback organic layer pellets (dry). They're both local-ish brands so easier for me to find in stock.
Thanks Rosemary. That was my concern as well. I’ve read posts about that happening and causing major health issues. The Grubbly just has amazing reviews but I think I’ll pass on it unless they come out with a crumble. I won’t be fermenting.
I am using Grubbly for a second 30 lb bag so far. I have only 3 girls here in sunny Southern California. I have tried scratch and peck too for about two10lb and two 25lb bags. I want to like Scratch and peck but for me, I cannot recommend it. It has a very large amount of dust/crumbs remaining in the bag that my girls do not eat this is a waste in my honest opinion. They also use fishmeal - which is not really a natural food for chickens. My girls eat what they want and leave the black pellets and dust in the scratch and peck. Grubbly farms has little to no dust! However, my girls do not eat the pellets too (they did at first) unless it’s the only thing left, (my 1 sexlink doesn’t mind too much) The pellets have grubs in them so you would think they would gobble it up.
I have tried pellets and crumbles by manna pro as well not their favorites but then at that time, I was giving them too many snacks (don’t do that no matter how tempting LOL) oh-also I ferment feed from time to time-Scratch and peck came out horribly with the pellets turning to mush and smelled of fish (with the ferment smell) girls didn’t eat it (shaking heads and walking away) I ferment every few weeks now using bulk barley seeds with hulls, hard winter wheat, while oat seeds and wild pea seeds.
Bottom line: I’m going to stick it out with Grubbly farms for now- my girls are healthy and feathers are so shiney!! The company is great and supports their product with a 100% guarantee! The product arrives very quickly as well. They don’t use fish meal and there is hardly to no dust in the bag. Remember organic isn’t everything—chickens are never 100% organic anyway-(example: how do you know the bug they swallowed ate only organic food sources?)

Good luck with chosing-just remember if you are going to change feed, slowly introduce new feed by mixing it in gradually.

Sorry a bit wordy but hope it helps a bit! 👍🏻
I was using a 20% protein organic chick starter from Natures Best. I switched back and forth from the chick starter to the 16% layer feed. The hens are 2yrs old. Last week, a friend give me a couple bags of Grubbly. I opened one bag and added to the feeder. Its texture is a crumble and was very small pieces. Unlike the pellets we were used to, which are bigger and less dust, but, so far so good. I cant say i mind the very small bits of the Grubbly feed because I often add water to their feed to make a mash. Also, i prefer at least an 18% protein, but this was free feed so I'll do my best advice - check the chooks and check em again. Overall, everyone seems to be fine with this feed. I do wonder if anyone else has any feedback about the brand Grubbly. Good luck everyone!

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