Layer Hen Attacked by our dog.


9 Years
Oct 2, 2010
I was out yesterday so I asked my sister to collect the eggs from our chicken pen. One of our hens got out and she didn't tell anyone so when my parents got home and let the dog out, he attacked her. He's a bull mastiff so he didn't bite her or even break the skin, only pined her to the ground.

She was a bit ruffled up and scared but there was no blood so we quarantined her in the coop for a few hours to calm down and then let her out. They other chickens haven't picked on her since so we didn't worry. I checked her out and could find no wounds.

But today, she got in the nest box and has just been standing there for a few hours, we haven't seen her get out. We really started to worry when she laid a off-white egg with brown speckles, which my mom things may be blood, and a very soft and deformed top (she always has laid brown eggs).

My mom thinks it is probably internal injuries but we don't know what to do.
I would just continue to watch her for a day or two. She obviusly was really traumatized. I'm surprized she laid an egg at all. Just give her a little extra attention with treats and petting and hopefully she'll be back to normal soon. If she shows any other signs such as a whitened combor wattle , or not eating then I would be concerned.

She laid that funky egg due to the stress of the attack. (The first soft-shelled egg I found from my birds was after I had an attack on a hen by a hawk.) Extreme stress will cause them to lay odd eggs. She will likely be fine and lay normal eggs in a couple days. I would not be concerned about internal damage until she has more signs than just a soft-shelled egg. Soft-shelled eggs are not all that uncommon.

I hope she's OK. Good luck.
Thanks guys! She's been doing better and has gotten out of the nest box to eat and drink so I'll just keep an eye on her~
If there are internal injuries she truly may need professional medical care if you are able to get her that help. As others have suggested watch her closely for any further signs of decline or for lack of appetite or lack of drinking. Also check her poop a lot to see if normal.

I would also give her a bit of Pedialyte (electrolytes) for shock (just spritz a bit onto watermelon or other treat that she will eat while the Pedialtye is cold (it has to be refrigerated)). You may also put a drop or two of Rescue Remedy in her water for stress if you have or can get it. These things are not a cure if she has internal injuries - they are just to help her cope with the trauma.

Offer her healthy treats to lift her spirits (black oil sunflower seeds, bits of fresh fruit like cut up blueberries or grapes).

Lots of TLC.

Everyone will need to do a head count to ensure all birds all safe before letting the dog out - from now till forever.

Hope she'll be okay.


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