Layer mash okay for chicks?

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  1. weliveintheforest

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    Mar 26, 2009
    I'm having a really hard time finding Certified Organic chicken feed in my area, and the one store that sells it only has Layer Mash. They told me this would be fine for my chicks (aged 4 and 8 weeks) but I am not so sure.

    Are they right, or should I make other arrangements? I have a few days worth of non-certified organic grower crumbles for them but I really need to be feeding them Certified organic because the land we live on is certified.

    I would like to eventually make my own feed but will not have the resources immediately. I just need something to get us through the next couple of weeks.
  2. chickenzoo

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    Layer normally has too much calcium in it for chicks................
  3. weliveintheforest

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    Mar 26, 2009
    Now that I posted, I decided to just drive a farther and get some CO grower. If we are going to drive 40 minutes, an hour is not much more!
  4. purpletree23

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    May 15, 2009
    No layer mash for chicks. Too much calcium will damage their kidneys.
  5. PeepsInc

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    Jun 18, 2009
    NY Tri State region
    I did a test giving 6 chicks starter & 6 chicks laying mash. The chicks on layer grew faster & got fuller feathers on there feet. Vitamin D (sunlight) helps the body deal with extra calcium.
  6. digitS'

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    Dec 12, 2007
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    There are a good number of components that can be used in poultry feed. The nutrients in feeds vary.

    Damaged kidneys may take a good long time to cause health problems.

    I suspect that the results of your experiment with starter and layer feed for chicks, PeepsInc, wasn't as simple as what was observed.

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  7. ghulst

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    Aug 31, 2008
    Zeeland Michigan
    Layer mash is good for chicks at that age. I start adding whole corn at that age to cut the protein and cost.
  8. rstampa

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    Jun 18, 2009
    Tampa, Florida

    One thing I've learn here, is never ask a question about your chicks from a feed store employee. It was good that you came here first.
    It's not organic feed but keep your chicks on Starter Grow feed until they start laying. Like you, I've been searching all over and it's hard to find organic feed. It will be at lease 10 more weeks before they even start to lay so I'll be still looking.

    Keep them health as you can.
    Have a great day
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