laying and eating shell-less eggs??

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    Mar 15, 2008
    Hi all,

    One of my girls has exhibited some odd behavior of late - for two days in a row now, I've caught her laying a shell-less egg, then turn around and gobble (more like suck) it down. She usually lays in the morning but on monday, I came out to find her covered in egg white - she'd laid a shell-less egg and then sat in it. I found one other egg remain in the coop this week and then yesterday and today witnessed a late afternoon no-shelled egg. Both times, she just squatted and popped the goop out, then turned around and gobbled it up. I'm not sure why she's laying these eggs - I have oyster shell available and have mixed it in with her feed and have put out yogurt the past few mornings. I've also noticed that she is missing a patch of feathers on her chest - you can't see it by looking at her, only if you pick her up (or give her a bath). Could this be stress from hot weather we've had? Illness? molt? (she's only 6 months old) Please help!

    Thanks so much!
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    I've had that once in awhile with the shell-less egg, or eggfart. I think some stress plays a roll in that. Are they hot and restless? I'm not sure of the molt issue, I've not experienced that YET.

    Mine also gobble up the yolk. I think they know they didn't lay a regular egg, and turn around and eat it.

    I would try to catch her doing it and scoop out the mess before she can eat it. Give out extra calcium goodies and make sure she gets some. You don't want an egg eater, that could be a hard habit to break. Good luck.
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    Does the egg have a soft membrane around it or just like she cracked open an egg? I know we have a couple of hens that will sometimes lay an egg in the morning and lay one in the evening. If they lay two eggs, a lot of the time the second will have the membrane, but no shell. I agree, take out the egg andd don't let her eat it or she will look for other eggs to start eating.

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