Laying every 12-14 hours???


8 Years
May 20, 2011
Southern Utah
I have 2 RIR who have been laying since October. Every SINGLE day!! I'm so happy with them but we had quite a surprise and I wondered if it was just a fluke or if this happens sometimes....

Gathered 2 eggs at about 9am. Heard LOTS of sqwaking around 10pm so hubby went out to check. TWO more eggs. I thought for sure the next morning we'd have none. More loud and proud sqwaking and TWO more eggs around 7am.
Now we're back on just a regular 2 eggs a day schedule.
I thought they'd need a break after that!

I have been keeping a 25watt bulb on in their coop constantly so is that the reason?? Thoughts?

Edited to say that all the eggs have been a very normal size and shape. No double yolkers or huge eggs.
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This sometimes happens with my hens (like yesterday)...I put additional light in their coop (about 4 extra hours a day, in the morning), mainly to get them in the egg laying pattern again. I don't know if leaving a light on all of the time would prompt them to lay more. Maybe your girls are just overachievers ?
It has only happened the one time so far, but I thought maybe they'd need a break after that and take a whole day off.... Not so. Thanks for the input. Very crazy!!

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