laying half soft shelled eggs?? UPDATE, not good.


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Apr 26, 2008
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I have a hen thats now a year old that I ordered from mcmurray hatchery as a started pullet. Shes a production red that does not produce! Lol. Ever since she started laying most if her eggs are soft shelled. I'm feeding my hens dumor layer and they have oyster shell. I've never had a problem with rubbery eggs until this hen. The weird thing is only half of her eggs are soft. I have a picture of one of her 'good' eggs and you can see a stripe on the top. That top area is usually the soft spot that pops all over the nest box. Yuck...any ideas on what causes this? Just a bad reproductive system?
Use a good quality vitamin-electrolyte powder like Avian Super Pack (1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water) 3 days a week. It takes about 7 grams of calcium for each egg a hen lays. Adequate vitamin D3 is important for the absorption of calcium, so if you don't see an improvement with crushed oyster shell mixed in the feed with vitamin supplementation, it could be an absorbancy problem or Egg Peritonitis:

Try what I suggested and see if there's improvement. I had trouble with Mcmurray chicks in the past (kinky back, internal layers, birds dying of Marek's symptoms though they were vaccinated, etc.) and won't order from them anymore.
Ok, So I have an update on this hen with more questions...Sorry...

I bought nutri-drench for their water, figured it would give her extra vitamins and help her with forming eggshells. I also started grinding up eggshells and sprinkling them in their feed. Our barred rock lays the hardest shelled eggs ever, she always has. But now this RIR has laid maybe 4 eggs in a week and a half...Only one had a rubbery shell, the rest were all goo with no shell at all. The past 3 days she goes in the nest box to lay an egg but comes out with nothing... Really starting to wonder if something is wrong with her internally. I've raised a bunch of chickens and never had a problem with soft or shell-less eggs (unless a hen was molting). What the heck is going on with her?!
Are they stressed for any reason?

I have no ideas as to how to help. I have only ever had one soft shelled egg...she laid it out in the run and all the girls enjoyed a treat before I could stop them. I just happened to see her lay it.
No they're definitely not stressed, very spoiled, lol . They also have access to the whole yard during the day so they're not cooped up until it gets dark. Shes the only one that lays eggs that are like this, she always has...
One of my sex-links lays eggs just like this! Would love to find a solution too! Added oyster shell, but haven't noticed a difference. :(

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