Laying Pattern of chukar hens

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    Do they lay every second day, or a clutch then brake, or is there any pattern? According to the sources a chukar hen can lay 50 eggs or more in a season. That comes to average 1 egg in 3 to 4 days assuming 6 months hatching season

    I am trying to estimate how many females I need to keep to be able to hatch about 30-40 eggs at a time.

    Assuming hatching eggs stored no more than a week how many hens do I need to accumulate 30-40 hatchable eggs?
  2. Quote:We would get about 5 eggs per hen each week for a couple months during peak breeding season.

    Because I did not want a smaller batch of chukars each week- we would collect eggs for almost 3 weeks before starting incubation. That way we had a few large hatches. We stored our eggs in a cool place and would turn them every couple days.

    we would usually get over a 75% hatch

  3. This is a generalization, and experiences may differ . . .

    Chukar eggs have the best hatchability when they are at least 2 weeks old, up to the 3rd week.
    They also do best when stored around 50(the guy I get em from does 42) and are NOT turned during storage.

    Ill go copy this exact info from an earlier post in a similar thread, taken from UCDavis pdf dealing specifically with chukar.

    My last batch of eggs was about 3 weeks old and refrigerated at 42 degrees, 127/150 hatched a few days ago(which, is exactly 84.6%, the breeder told me to expect 85% from his eggs).

    K, heres the chart that shows what I just said . . .

    The entire PDF from UCDavis . . .

    found more info on egg production, may help out . . .
    Scroll down to pages 9 and 10, I cant get it to copy/paste right.
    Looks like to me, you could get an egg a day from them in artificial conditions, dunno if thats what your planning or not . . .
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    Hi, I am close to the northern New England area and was wondering how long my chukar hens should lay. The seem to be slowing down right now. Should I expect them to start up again.
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