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    Apr 2, 2010
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    I have a pen with 6 EEs, 1 BO and 1 BOx. I have another pen with BRs, RIRs, GSL, and BSL. The EE pen has stopped laying almost completely. The other pen, the chickens are laying.

    Now, I had to treat the EE pen for coccidia almost three weeks ago. They were laying okay, if a bit less than the other pen. I had some bulbs go out in the coop and replaced them. I live up in Montana where, yes, we do get very little light this time of year. [​IMG] I do keep a light on at night.

    So, my question to you: lack of light? Coccidia treatment? Molting? What? Why have my birds stopped laying in one pen? Added: They were born in February and April.
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    It is that time of year, the days are getting noticeably shorter and some may be molting. Mine all but quite about 2-weeks ago. Funny thing is, my girls last year stopped in early fall and then started laying every day when it was the dead of winter and -20˚ out, with no extra light either.

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