Lazy Ducks!


8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hey guys, I put my ducks in their run for the first time today! They ran around for about 3 minutes and ever since they have just been sat in one spot chilling out! I was expecting them to be running around going crazy! Is this normal?
It's perfectly normal I think! They're only babies and probably get tired very easily
I found that my ducks actually spent quite a lot of time sitting down when they were younger. Once they hit like 14-16 weeks and were close to being mature then they became a lot more active, especially once they were going on trips outside!
Aw that's good news then! They look like they are happy doing what they are doing so il let them get on with it I guess.
Our ducklings are just over 4 weeks old now too. They are pretty active when they are outside, but there are 10 of them plus 2 geese. I think having so many keeps them active and moving a lot. But once they swim and dig up the ground they seem to tire themselves out and all huddle together for a power-nap before they start all over again!
My ducks rest a lot during the day(especially since it's gotten hot), but they PAAARRRRRTTTTTTYYYYY at night.

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