Lazy girl or sick???


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9 Years
May 12, 2010
Griffin, GA
One of my 8 week old RIR hens has the dropsies. She's a bit smaller than the others, but she's eating & drinking OK. We got these babies at 3 days old & this one is always either resting or sleeping. I've seen her run, jump & play & doesn't appear to be in pain. She just spends most of her time lying down. Is this normal for some birds?

Terri O

10 Years
Jan 2, 2010
WI~chickening for 30 years!
I dont think it is normal. If the rest of your birds are OK perhaps she has some internal thing going on? Like a birth defect? I am suspecting that later at egg laying time the truth may come an internal layer or something. Watch her and enjoy her as a "special pet" while you can! Terri O

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