Lazy rooster


Sep 25, 2015
I think as my rooster ages he is becoming lazier,he wouldn’t even stand up to crow he just sat up and did it,Lazy guy.
Here is standing on the back of his legs.
I haven't seen that in my older roosters. I would assume there's something wrong with him, either an injury or something else. What do you feed? A layer ration can be hard on roosters.
I feed all flock.He could be getting fatter.This is the first time I have seen him do this,I genuinely think it’s because he was laying down and didn’t wanna get up.He walks around just fine and has been acting normal.Although he does not like to run and chase the hens anymore,he tries but most of the time can’t keep up!Definatly a big guy now that he is growing up.Think he has reached his full size and realized he can’t do the things he use to able to do as a young boy.

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