Lead paint


Jul 10, 2022
I found that my chickens have been eating lead paint. They are 16 weeks old now and have had been in area of lead paint for 2 months. They appear to be perfectly fine. The boards with lead paint have now been removed. Are the eggs going to be edible when they start laying? Are they ever going to be edible? I'm so upset about this.
We got our first egg this morning, I'm thinking we should probably not eat it but of course my husband says in overreacting. I think we should wait for a few nore to start laying and get them tested. Seriously this is causing me so much anxiety, we apend so much to build our coop and run and get the chickens and feed the chickens. But I'm so anxious about all this I want to just tear it all down.
Personally I wouldn't eat any from that time. Maybe after a while, but I'm not sure how lead is filtered from the body. I caught mine pulling off chips of paint from my old garage... not sure if it's lead, but I pitched the eggs and been keeping an eye on their wandering.

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