leak at sidecar nest box


11 Years
Jul 24, 2010
cleveland, ohio
We bought a small kit coop with sidecar nest box. There is a gap between the nest box roof and the wall of the coop. Sidecar lid raises. Rain pours right into coop; how can I rain-proof the gap, and still be able to open the lid?
i think some pics would help on this one. when you say "raises", do you mean it lifts off or hinges a certain way? how big is the lid and what is it made from? is the lid at an angle or is it flat on top? i think pics would be the best way to guess. and you say you bought it...is it new or used? if it is new i would call the builder. i would love to help, but need more info.
Make a flap of rubber or thin plastic to cover the gap. A pic would help be more specific.
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