Leaking shell, dark/rough end

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    One of our hens has been laying eggs with dark/rough spots at the end. Nothing to crazy. I think its one of the red-sex links, they just turned a year old. They are both laying machines and rarely take a day off. I've read that the roughness might be calcium build up and it hasn't been an issue until today. I've also noticed her eggs have become a lot lighter which I've again read is normal.

    No diet change, no extra treats/leftovers the last few days. Normal free ranging for a couple of hours a day. Today, her egg was actually leaking at the end that is different. Its always the larger end. This was the first time its ever leaked. It wasn't cracked, the shell was nice and hard and appeared solid other than the end kept getting wet. I didn't get a picture of the leaking egg, I should have [​IMG], but it looked very similar to the one picture below minus the 'normal' amount of roughness/darkness. Could she just be near the end of her cycle and just need a break? I know this sound silly but since I feel like she DOES need a break, is there a way to stop her from laying for a couple of days? I don't want to stress her out but we could pen her up by herself in a dark area of the coop (w/food and water of course) in hopes that she would be upset and not lay, or are we asking for trouble and should just let nature take its course?

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    I have a red sex link who does the same thing, but it has never leaked unless she laid it from too high up and it cracked when it hit the nest. I just let her be.

    If you want to put the time into penning her in a dark place, it should help her to take a break laying. However, it's hard to tell with a RSL. Just don't leave her by herself for too long or her flockmates will forget who she is and it will be hard to reintroduce her.

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