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    Mar 9, 2010
    We have two broody silkies that have been sitting on three eggs for seven days. We candled them last night, and found one that was viable. This is our first broody experience, and our little girls and even my husband were so excited! Anyway, I went back out last night to check on everybody and the good egg was broken [​IMG] There was this perfect little six day old chick whose heart was STILL beating when I found him. Moral of the story...separate your broodies from the rest of the flock. I really thought that the others were leaving them alone, but two more silkies were piled into the next box with Mom which ended up breaking the egg. I am so mad at myself for not giving them their own space. WAAAAHHHH!!! Next time they are going in their own crates.
  2. So sorry about the broken egg/chick. [​IMG] I always seperate the broody when I know for sure she is sitting because the other hens will continue to lay in the nest. I just move her and her nest at night.

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