learnt a new lesson today ........ my flock loves the rain! does your? POLL

Do your chickens like the rain?

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May 5, 2015
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My Coop
I leant today after a sudden down pour, that my ladies love the rain, I tried to get them to go in there run for cover but they simply wasn't having any of it!

Hey what a lovely picture!! Im sooo glad im not the only one whos chickens love the rain!! It rained all day yesterday here and my two pekin bantams and my black sex link was soaked!! They wouldnt go into their coop either!! So i had no choice but to bring them in the house one by one and blow dry them so they didny catch a cold lol

Here is my daughter with freckle the pekin bantam after a blow dry!!

Oh and thats our dog jaffa in the background lol he loves the chickens!
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aww that picture is so sweet :) luckily it dried and warmed up here! they found a nice place to dry under a tree and rubbed them selves down with dry mud lol but I so glad they have had a clean, we only got them last Monday and they were looking very dirty, I was thinking of giving them a clean down, but nature took over! I now have 4 lovely clean and soft chickens!
Aww they are absolutly beautiful! They really have funny personalities dont they!
I too am new to chicken keeping iv had chickens for five weeks.. i have a black sex link about a year old... two pekin bantams 14 weeks old.... two black sex link crosses 5 weeks old and a 6 week old cream legbar x white sussex! Hoping ill have brown, white and green eggs!!
thanks, I didnt think they would take to me so quick, but they chatter away and get very excited to see me and wow that's a lot of different egg colours, my ladies are just laying the normal brown eggs but many different shapes and sizes, it was the first day today that they all laid
Whoa! Thats fantastic that they have all layed so quickly you must be doing something right!! Usually it takes couple weeks cos they get bit stressed when moving but thats great!! Just give it time and you will end up getting more chickens! I started with the two pekin bantams and within a month iv now got six!

Hazel the Hen... (black sex link)

Freckle and Speckle... (pekin bantams)

Bramle and Cheeky... (black sex link crosses)

Gertie... (cream legbar x light sussex) only got her today!!

Have you picked names for your pretty ladies?
Thank you, they obviously like what your doing!! I lovveee that picture of them in the rain!! They just look soooo happy! Give them some natural yogurt as a treat and a bit of bread... mine go nuts for them!! The do what i call a happy chuckle wen the bread n yogurt come outcand it makes me laugh!! My other half thinks im crazy cos i say they talk to me and i talk back! Thats why i love BYC cos its nice and refreshingvto meet people who share similar experiences! X
oh they love yoghurt and bread, they have been having loads of vegetable scraps too, they always have something to say when I put them to bed lol and yes this site is fab

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