leaving eggs in turner full term...

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    I've heard of some people doing this and other people saying this is a no no. Where's everybody stand on this topic? How many leave their eggs in the turners full term till they hatch? One con I could see especially with smaller birds like quail is the chick getting caught up in the turner. On the other hand I could see how having the eggs pointy end down the whole time could help to have a better hatch by having the chicks be in the optimal position for the hatch. Which sometimes can change when eggs are taken out and laid on their side and rolled around and what not by other chicks that have hatched.

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    Watch your fan, I did this once and the fan in the bator wasn't covered enough and cut all their little wings off. Killed all of them.
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    Even though many assume upright is the optimal position to hatch it's actually not a natural position to hatch...

    It does not take a chick long to get their bearings or to adjust while pipping/zipping, thus the eggs on their side (normal hatching position under a nesting bird) or being rolled around is not really the negative many claim... Being rolled around and bumped into others actually encourages many chicks to get active and hatch...

    You can leave them in the turner but depending on turner design they could get injured or tangled up in the turner and or be much closer to the heating element or fan in many incubator designs... IMO for the few minutes it takes to remove them from the turner it's cheap insurance from injury...
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