Leaving town / worried about the chickens


Jun 10, 2016
This weekend we're going out of town, and it's supposed to be insanely warm. Temps could hit 100, and the heat index will be much higher. My sister-in-law/brother-in-law said they'd check on the chickens / let them into the run / make sure they get back into the coop, and I'm going to leave some watermelons out / maybe put a mister near/in the run, but besides really harping on them to make sure there's cool water / plenty of it for them, anything else I can do? Coop has a fan running in it and the run is partially shady (or ours are also still small enough the coolest place for them is underneath the coop)
If they're active and panting (mouths open / quicker breathing) is that okay? They were like that when we closed up the coop for tonight, but there's water right by the roost and no one was going for it.

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