Leg Bands too small?... My "bigfoot" Orpingtons


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I bought a size 12 for my Orpingtons and they outgrew them before they even hit 6 months old!! I only used half dozen of the bands and they ALL outgrew them.

I can't believe I have to get them a size designed for CANADA GEESE!!!???!!!

are my birds too big?
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I imagine you know the info in this thread, but I went to check before I responded and thought I'd just add the link. Size 12 is the recommended size for Orpingtons.

When I was researching breeds, the size of Orpingtons was one of the hardest to pin down. I saw sites that said full-grown Orp hens were 6-1/2 pounds with other sites ranging all the way up to 8 pounds. I have trouble believing there is this much discrepency in the size of full grown Orp hens if they have been given proper nutrition, although I could see some variation due to strains.

Where I am headed with all this random rambling is, maybe you have a new strain of Orps, the "bigfoot" strain.

"bigfoot" strain

maybe so!

I'm expecting 8lb hens and 10-12lb Roosters but I certainly WASN"T expecting CANADA GEESE sized Orps! LOL

Almost ALL of my orps are this size too... there are only 4 little buff hens from a local farmer that I would call small. AND NO ONE is a year old yet!!!!!!!!!!

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