Leg broken on Ameraucana hen, but WHERE is it broken? At the joint?


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Jan 23, 2011
I have a young Ameraucana hen (just started laying last month) who had perched up in the rafters a few weeks ago and when she flew down she landed badly and injured her leg. I then restricted her activity by locking her up in the run so she couldn't go free ranging about the yard. But my "chicken sitter" let her out and she repeated the routine with the rafters and this time the injury seems much worse. I now have her confined to a cage.

It is her left leg and she won't put weight on it, holds it up off the ground, and if she walks she sort of hops along on the good leg and the toes on her injured leg fold under her foot and drag along.

So....this is a broken leg right? But where is the break? I have felt all along her leg and don't feel anything unusual. Is it broken at one of the joints? Which joint? And what do I do about it??? I am at a loss!
Sorry to hear about your girl!

How long has it been since her second injury? If you can't feel a a break, it may be possible that she badly sprained her leg. A lot of leg injuries can heal on their own with time. I would do as you did before by trying to restrict her activity. Maybe set her up with her own little space where she can't jump. Of course if it does persist and you're unable to find the location of the problem, you may need to see a vet or experienced farmer.

I've used a leg-problem website before. I'll search for it and add it to my post.

Best of luck!



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It has been going on two weeks since the second injury. I was hoping it would just heal on its own with time, but if anything it seems worse
I am increasingly concerned. She is my only purebred Ameraucana and lays such a lovely blue green egg. I hate seeing her suffer, but I'm not about to give upon her.

I will check out the links you sent.

Can a hen survive on just one leg?

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