leg feathering from brahmas


9 Years
May 4, 2010
Greene, NY
can a brahma cross end up with very sparsely feathered legs... 3 of the four chickens we managed to hatch this year are very clearly the offspring of Rocky, our buff brahma roo... full feathering on the legs, clear pea or pea/single comb, and take after him in build too... but the one pullet is a bit of a puzzler... we are fairly certain she is from our black giant hen, since she is all black(legs and eyes too), but she is kinda wonky looking( tiniest head I have ever seen on a chicken with very wide hindquarters... just looks odd)... her comb is still so small that I can not tell if there is any pea comb-ness to it, and her legs sport just a few very small patches of feathers here and there...I know that JGs have both brahma and langshan in their genetic background, so I guess that the feathers could possibly be a throwback to that if she isn't Rocky's...we did gather the eggs before we got rid of our australorp, but he wasn't really breeding at that point( thus the getting rid of) and there was another rooster in with the hens at the time also(BRxBO), but all his offspring with the JG last year were barred...
a cross between feathered legs and clean legs usually results in sparsley feathered legs. this does depend on the breeds of the parents, but this is usaully the case with most pure breeds.
the others are brahma x easter egger, barred rock cross, and buff orpington, and their leg feathering was all nearly as full as Rocky's...the pullet in question has just a few small tufts, the longest being about a quarter of an inch... until recently, we hadn't even noticed them on her legs.. at first glance, she appears to be clean legged

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