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    If a feather legged bird mates with a non-feather legged bird, what are the odds that the chicks will have feathered legs? I have a batch of eggs from my birds due to hatch tomorrow (the first batch from my birds ever :) ) and I was wondering if I would be able to tell who daddy bird is by looking at leg feathering. Thanks for any help!
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    the Odds are very high, I say 100% of them(if the father is the feathered shank sire) will show some feathering on their shanks, but less than their father
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    they probably will have feathering, just not as much as the purebred.
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    I am not great with genetics, but I will try to share my understanding of leg feathering..

    It is not a case of leg feathering or not leg feathering. It is a case of dominant and recessive genes. With genotypes there are three possibilities...

    FF = Feathering showing AND carring only dominant feathering gene.
    Ff = Feathering showing, but carring a recessive non-feathering gene
    ff = NO Feathering

    If your rooster is a FF, then the offspring can be expected to be 100% Ff or feathered.
    If your rooster if a Ff, then the offspring can be expected to be 25% not feathered and 75% feathered (with 25% FF and 50% Ff)

    I am NOT an expert in this. It is my understanding of how it works. I hope it helps you out.

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