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Sep 6, 2014
northwestern va. l
I have 2leg horns left from a flock of 6 ...they are friendly with me and the feral cat. Yes a feral cat, however are standoffish with everyone else in the family. What I need to know is what other chixs will be good with them. They are now 1 & half yrs old, 3of the chix were killed (I think) this summer,HELP I would like to get them soon if anyone has suggestions. :/ love my babies!! :)
I have Light Brown Leghorns mixed with RIR, Black Australorps, and Barred Rock. From what I've read is you'll have to wait till the chicks are big enough so the older birds wont pick on them. Have to keep them separated and introduce them into the flock slowly. Breed shouldnt matter. One of my Leghorns is shy and wil not come close. The other one will take feed out of our hand but does not like to be touched. Now the Barred Rock, They are the friendliest I have. One likes to be picked up and rubbed.
Thanks for the input ...I will definitely keep in mind what you have said about introducing slowly to the girls. I most certainly don't want any problems from bringing in new chix to them.

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