Leg Pecking on Roo by Hens

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  1. Hi folks,

    I am having a problem with my RIR roo, Brewster, being picked
    on by the 12 hens I own. They are pecking at the back of his legs, right
    above the rear toe. When I went to put them in from free-ranging today, I
    noticed the activity and the bloody wounds. One of the hens was doing it
    the most, and when I grabbed her and picked her up, another one went right
    at it. Brewster is segregated right now in a dog crate in the basement
    resting quietly (he is such a GOOD boy!) and I have a call in to my wife's
    workplace (a vet hospital) to see what to do. Anyone have any suggestions,
    I'll gladly take them.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    yes just disinfect the wound with peroxide once no more
    or just put iodine on it
    then neosporin
    and keep him up till the sore heals

    the chickens love blood and when one hen got nasty the rest learn fast
    I would go buy some whole horse oats and some granite grit and make a feeder for ech
    and have the crumbles besides
    the oats will allow the hens to lay good eggs and give them something to occupy their time with
    also hand a green head of cabbage with ALL green leaves on it wrapped in a piece of chicken wire
    hang from ceiling to 18 inches from floor
    this will give the hens something to do

    they will get over the blood craze then

    also I would make the
    wet mash probiotic
    1/2 gallon of dry crumbles
    1 gallon of milk sweet, sour, buttermilk
    1/2 cup of non flaored yoguart
    mix good and feed hens what they eat in 20-30 minutes
    do this for a week hen once a week
    each hen should eat 3 tbsp of the probiotic wet mash per time
    after hey are done cleaan wet feeder and restock dry crumbles
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will keep him isolated until he heals, and now have a real appreciatation for the decibel level of a rooster crow now that he is in my basement.
  4. Dave, you`re doing the right thing by seperating him while he heals. The best product I have ever found for wounds and sores is Corona(not the beer). It`s an anti biotic cream used on horses and available at most feed stores. Below is a blurb I put together on parasites, just because the question comes up so often. Good luck with yours........Pop

    External Parasites;

    Checking for mites.

    To determine the presents of body lice or mites, pick one or two birds off the roost at night. With a good flashlight, examine the area under the tail and around the vent. If mites are present, you should be able to see them scampering for cover.

    Treat with Sevin Dust, Adams dog dip or spray, Ivomec wormers (pour on or injectable-Caution: You can`t eat the eggs for a month after treating with Ivomec. Ivomec is also affective for most internal parasites)

    Leg Mites;

    Leg mites dig under the scales on a birds legs. They cause the scales to lift creating a rough appearance. They inahabit cracks and openings in roosts and surrounding areas.

    Treat leg mites by rubbing any kind of oil on the legs. The idea is to drown them. Repeat as needed. Should be back to normal in a month.

    In God We Trust

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