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Aug 24, 2011
Where or how can I get leg tags/bands?

Vet,4H....other source? I'm clueless...
I have a dumb question.... what are they for??? Do they identify each bird like ear tags for cows? I know for cow tags we use them to identify cycles, fertility methods, breeding and vaccinations. What are bird bands used for??
I have seen them at the feed store packaged in 25 counts for less than a dollar.

there are numerous places online to get them if you can't find them in your feed store/ farm and home store. There are so many different kind of bands you need to decide which kind you want and then look for those. It depends if you want a number system/color system/letters etc.

This one explains sizes and comes in all colors

here's one place

and another
this one comes in quantities of 100 (minimum)

Also, you might want to look on Ebay. I got a bag of 100 mixed sizes, some tiny ones for the day olds when I get them and some for later when we start to train them to come in at night..... marking is mostly for my own info, just so I can tell 'who is who', who's been picked up and loved on, who's not come into the coop yet, etc.
BTW.... the ones I got on Ebay were more like little rubber bands, which I think will be gentler on those little baby legs than the plastic thingys. I was a little worried about that, so I went with the softer ones.
So, being like rubber bands, do you have to stretch them over the feet to get them on the leg?

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