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  1. Hello :)

    I have a (very) small flock of Leghorn Bantams, currently consisting of a white rooster, white hen, two black hens, and a blue hen. I have four eggs under a broody Pekin at the moment, and was just wondering what colour possibilities I have? I think I've read somewhere that white is dominant over everything, but I can't seem to find any more information on that.

    Two of the eggs have pipped, so while I'll likely find out what colours I have soon, I'm still curious and impatient XD

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    White in Leghorns is dominant white. Basically, it takes what may be a genetically black bird and turns that black to white. So, with a white rooster and white or black based hens, you're going to get white chicks, maybe some with flecks of black.

    Breeding dominant white to red allows for more color variation in the chicks, as the white doesn't effect the red the same way.

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