Legs paralyzed one day, dead the next

Donna Jeanne

5 Years
Nov 18, 2017
Hi. I had a girl who couldn’t walk yesterday so I brought her in and started Corid as Coccidiosis is usually the culprit. This morning she was dead. Any ideas what else it could be? It’s been a hot summer so thinking maybe the heat? Thank you.
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I'm sorry for your loss.

How old was she?
What made you think you were dealing with coccidiosis?

Have you brought any new to you birds home in the last month or two?

Where about do you live?
One more...was this the same bird that was laying the weird egg back in February?
It could have been heatstroke or anything. Many things cause paralysis in the legs—Mareks disease, botulism, mold poisoning in feed, lead, etc. If you have her body and keep it cool and not frozen, you can get a necropsy by your state poultry vet to look for a cause of death. Sorry for your loss.

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