Less feathers at 4 weeks


5 Years
Aug 15, 2018
Southeast PA (Bucks County)
Hi all -
I have 10 chicks, all the same age (4 weeks) - 5 different breeds. Any idea why one (A black star) hardly has any feathers? Still peach fuzzy fluff, whereas the others have way more feathers.
In my experience, the ones with less feathers tend to be roos. At least with cochins. This year alone I've had 3 and all 3 came out to be roos.
Males take longer to feather. I have a oegb mixed with austrolorp and 2 out of 3 are full feathered at 6 weeks and one is not. That one already had a comb and waddles very red. If you look it up males may take longer to develop. Also yours had some thicker legs. Hope this helps.

Oh no! They’re supposed to be all girls!
Vent sexing is only 90% accurate, so says the hatcheries CYA.
BUT if she's a sexlink she could just be feathering slower.
All birds are individuals, even when same age and/or same breed, you'll see other differences as things go along.

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