Less mess with hanging poutlry feeder. It really works!

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    So I posted in another thread that I was going to try this out, and see if the results actually worked or not. Well I am glad to say that they work extremely well.

    My wife and I had a PVC feeder, and the chickens practically empty the entire contents on the floor in one evening. We honestly didn't like the pvc feeder design, so we scrapped it and got the good ol' traditional galvanized hanging feeder. Well, the mess went down a lot, but they were still throwing some of it out on the floor. I wouldn't refill it until all of it that as on the floor was eaten, but I knew there had to be a way to cut down on the waste some more.

    So I researched pellets is less waste, since we use crumble. But we still have some 4 week old pullets eating from the same feeder that our adults do. So I wasn't about to give our pullets, pellets. The other solution I found was this:


    I was skeptical at first. But hey, I have some chicken wire sitting around in the garage. I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Well I am glad I tried. Two days now, and not one bit of the crumble is on the floor. I had to put a brick beside the feeder so the little pullets could eat from it, but the food now stays in the feeder, or in the chickens bellies. They have to concentrate more to eat from it, and are not able to simple pull there beak backwards, throwing the food everywhere. They can only go, straight in, and straight out. I have not noticed any marks on the girls beaks or faces that would indicate that the chicken wire is harmful to them either.

    This method works!

    Here is some pictures of my feeder:


    I threaded the chicken wire onto the bars, so the chicken wire will not drop to the bottom of the feeder pan.


    Thanks for taking a look!
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    That's a good idea. Just wonder if I'm really get those metal feeders ;)

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