less than a day old chick with a broken/deformed or dislocated leg? (not too urgent!!)


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Aug 4, 2021
Hey yall, so we have been incubating for about 21 days and hatched out some new and totally adorable quail chicks. a small handful hatched yesterday morning and the rest last night, and now we have a few latecomers hatching out now. In our last night batch of chicks, one of them just came out with a funny leg. his feet and little toes are totally normal, everything else about his body is totally normal except the way he walks. he's slightly off-balanced and one leg SLIGHTLY protrudes out and so he kind of hobbles around. another way to describe this is like a dislocation, when held his legs are slightly off-centered but he is in no pain whatsoever. it isn't spraddled leg at all and nothing else comes to mind. So we are thinking he might just be a little bit deformed? but at the same time what are the chances that one leg is just slightly not done properly? so then we go back to some kind of injury. yet again he's super active and wants to walk around on his own, he's in no pain at all. we don't plan on culling either (but i don't think it's necessary for this case) can anyone really help on what to really do? has anyone else had to experience a funky walking chick? we are just slightly puzzled (we are really inexperienced only been incubating for about a year and this might be our tenth batch of chicks or so) could this really be some kind of injury and if so what should we do to help and support him? or would that be his quality of life from now on, clueless and wobbly? i can provide some pictures and videos later if anyone wants to help out. <3

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