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  1. Endur50

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    Mar 27, 2011
    North Carolina
    After pining for a blue or green egg layer for months the DH and I finally got one this afternoon. We found a craigslist add for someone getting out of chickens and selling off her whole breeding flock of Araucanas. We excitedly drove out there to pick her out, and she rode home quietly in her carrier. When we got home she was reluctant to get out of the little carrier into the quarantine coop. I unsnapped all the sides and was about to lift her into the coop when DH let the dog (who is new and still chasing the chickens) out the back. He promptly took off and scared her right off through the yard. Thus ensued a 3 hour attempt to recover her. [​IMG] We went around the horse pasture several times, through the neighbor's yard several times. At one point she was in the center of the huge azalea hedge. I went after her in there, until I got my self so tangled that I had to stop and wait for DH to pull me out by the ankles. I finally just decided to keep an eye on her until the sun went down and she put her self to bed somewhere. This resulted in me plucking her out of the top of a gardenia bush in the middle of a thunderstorm at 8:30. After waiting so long for a blue egg layer, I wasn't going to loose her now! Next time, I'll put the whole carrier in the coop and let them come out on their own. [​IMG]

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    Oct 9, 2010
    [​IMG] [​IMG] I hear you! I'm still waiting for blue eggs from my Araucanas, 5 months old..
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    Apr 3, 2011
    I learned a similar lesson myself today. -___-

    I have learned that even though Biscuit is a very big rooster, he can squeeze through the smallest opening of his cage door. Don't open that door unless it's his day to roam... grr
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    Apr 29, 2011
    Quote:HAHA that is pretty much what happened to me when I got a blue egger. She drove me insane running around the neighbourhood, herding her back. The first day she flew out my yard where she could free range, and decided she wanted to hang out with my neighbour's hens in a much smaller run? They are weird...

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    The very first time I ever owned a chicken, I had to catch it. Niece torture by my uncles, I don't think they thought I'd actually catch one. 6 hours later I was successful and had my first little hen. I vowed to never again chase a chicken around like that again. Haha! They're quick! The chickens were basically wild, just released onto the side of that mountain. I had a heck of a time.

    Congrats on getting her!

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