Lesson learned....


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Aug 29, 2008
North Texas
When sending daughter out to put up chickens, be specific.
Close and check all the doors to coop/run. DD said the girls were up, I let dogs out. Big mistake to not check. We're down 2 very sweet BR babes. Not a mark on them, but I'd guess the dogs shook them like toys and, well... Now we're left with one lonely, confused 5wk old and a devastated daughter. Hubby wasn't too thrilled about playing undertaker, as he stated "I was starting to get fond of the featherheads". so lesson learned (still sucks!
) Now someone tell me if I can put new fuzzies in with 5 wk old, or keep them separate until fuzzies are feathered. I'm not givin' the little baby up for adoption, so I guess I'd better get her some companionship pronto. Anyone need a home for some "excess" babies who are of similar age?


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May 24, 2007
I am so sorry for your losing those two little chicks. I'm sure your daughter is still feeling very miserable. Give her a
for us and tell her that we all make mistakes, yup, even grownups!!

I hope you can find a friend or two quickly for your remaining chick.

I think putting fuzzy butts in with a 5 week old is asking for problems. You could always try it and stay real close for a day or so to see how things go. Just be ready to get them away if there are issues.


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Sep 15, 2008
Milford Ct
I can relate to your story. I had four 6 week old chicks that my boys hatched from an incubator this summer. We put them in the garage before the coop was done and three of them were senselessly mauled by a raccoon. He just killed them and left them for me to find. My sons were so upset. We all blamed ourselves for not closing up tightly enough.
Anyway... we went right out the next couple of days and got (3) 4-6 week old silkies from a farm near us. My six week old loner became a mom and is very protective of the rest of the bunch.
The lone chick was happy, the baby silkies were happy, I was happy and most importantly my kids were happy. My husband and I nearly killed ourselves after that trying to get a coop and run built in two days!!!
Sorry for your loss. I hope you have a happy ending like we did.


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Apr 21, 2008
North Central Florida
Sorry to hear of the era. Unfortunately its one of those lessons that will make her life valuable in the future, near or far. She now understands why you ask her to check things. Its a shame that anyone of us has to learn this lesson, but somewhere at sometime, we all get caught having to learn the lesson of closing doors and windows.
Take care.


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Jul 27, 2008
But these things happen with kids. As you said, you have to be specific. Live and learn.
As far as keeping a five week old with babies, probably not at first, BUT you could put her in a cage or pen close to them so she gets used to them and then when they are bigger try it. Supervised of course. I think its workable with some time.

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