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    Learn from my mistakes!

    If anyone asks you to be the parental assistant on a girl group outing to a theme park -- SAY NO!

    When you hear it will be record breakingly hot -- Call it off!

    If one of the kids gets heat sick send them home.

    Schedule meals and bathroom breaks and stick to it. Kids in that setting will not ask for bathroom breaks. They'll nag for drinks, but not for food until they're over hungry.

    Leave when everyone is still having fun.

    Do not go to a theme park with a group of people larger than 6, including chaperones.

    And if anyone asks you to chaperone a trip to the theme park involving ten tween girls and three adults. -- SAY NO!!! [​IMG]
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    Excellent advice! I never go to theme parks on hot days. I did that once and there were people passing out all around us waiting in the lines. It was AWFUL! I'm glad you made it through the experience! [​IMG]
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    I was a troop mom for my sister's Scouting troop (long story involving one of the other moms backing out midyear, she turned 35, and decided she'd rather be 18).

    Our rule at theme parks is to stop at every bathroom we pass. saves alot of getting 1/2 way thru a line then going out anc comming back. Meals are on time, and snacks are too, usually the snack is something you can eat in line. Refillable water bottles, and sunscreen for all, reapplied at each meal. Print out the park map ahead and figure out a path to hit the good rides (zig-zagging thru both wastes time and makes you more tired. If the park has a train that circles it, use it, the train is not a ride, it's a bulk taxi, saves you walking and lets you sit win/win. Split into 2 or more groups, usually of 4-5 people who can get on the ride at once. Often on field trip people want to "all stick together" it slows things down esp. if you have to take 3-4 cars for every ride, and accomidate 12 bladders.

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