Lethargic and green, runny poop


Jan 20, 2016
My mother noticed one of her chickens acting lethargic yesterday. I saw her poop,and it was quite runny and green. She also has some feathers on her backside that look chewed up. We did notice she drank some water, but have not seen her eat. Any suggestions of what we can do, or is it best to just take her straight to the vet?
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It could be a lot of things, including infection or food poisoning. We had one suddenly get those symptoms last year. We immediately isolated her and put her on antibiotics, gave her a choice of food including soft foods like oatmeal and scrambled eggs, and offered her favorites (crickets and scratch) and lots of fresh water. However, she would hardly eat or drink and she faded away, passed after 2 or 3 days. In our case we think she ate something poisonous or moldy and got sick from it, but we can't be sure. (she was always curious, digging into odd things that none of the others would look at).

Good luck with her; if you can see an avian vet tomorrow that could help.

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