lethargic chick - how can i revive?

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    See my earlier post "sick chicks". We lost a 5 day old light bantham this morning. She was laying on the brooder floor, close to death. My husband humanely took care of her as I was sure she was beyond saving. Now one of my 5 day old Buff Orphingtons is looking _very_ weak. She's barely able to stand, eye closed, the other chicks easily knock her over when they go past and she has a hard time standing back up. I noticed yesterday that she was looking "tired" but I thought being a new hatching, that she was sleepy. I've put her in a separate brooder and not sure what to do to revive her. I haven't seen her poop so I'm not sure what they look like. She looks quite sad and is just lying on the floor. Any ideas would be great! My husband is off to the store now to pick up medicated food. Anything other recs? I'd hate to see her suffer.
    Thank you in advance for any advice.
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    Is she breathing funny or anything? I would probably get some vitamins in her, I am a big fan of Polyvisol without iron. Did it have a hard time hatching out of the shell? Did it lose a lot of blood? If it's that weak it can't stand up, yek, I crossing fingers it will pull throw but likely hood not good. It's is chirping or anything or just laying there?

    Is she in the same brooder as the one you lost 5 days ago, if so, did you disinfect it and clean it out super good. Perhaps the Light Bantham had something that's in the brooder now.
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    It wouldn't hurt to treat them for cocci and if that's what it is you just may save this one. If it is cocci medicated feed won't treat it, it does not contain enough Amprolium to treat, only as a possible preventative and sometimes not even that. Get some Corid and treat them for 5 to 7 days. The one that is sick should be given the medication with an eye dropper or needless syringe every hour or two until you see improvement and it starts drinking reliably on it's own.

    This may or may not be coccidiosis but the symptoms are classic and if you don't treat there is no question you will loose this one and maybe more. If it is not cocci it still does no harm to do the treatment and you'll at least have ruled that out.

    Corid is in the cattle section, labeled for calves. Comes in liquid or powder, dose for powder is 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water for 5 to 7 days, make it up fresh every day. I don't recall the dose for the liquid but a search on this forum will turn up that info.
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